Steamy and Sexy!

In honor of the person who issued the Danielle Sibarium challenge where people were asked to find some “Hot reads” about me, I’d like to issue a different Danielle Sibarium challenge. I challenge you to find your favorite “Hot reads,” by me. Pick your top three favorite hot scenes and/or quotes written by me. All you need to do is write the name of the book, who said it, or who the scene was between then add the quote, or describe the scene.


For instance-
Breaking Waves- Tyler- You’re right. I do. I wish you’d climb in bed with me & do unspeakable things.”


Remember, the quotes and scenes, could come from any my books, you can even use teasers or bonus scenes I’ve written! Let’s see how many “Hot Reads,” we can come up with. Ready, set go!



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