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A Message of Flowers Blog Tour

I am pleased to present you with an excerpt of Rachel Walter’s new release A Message of Flowers




Let’s start with the Synopsis! 

White Carnations – pure love, sweet and lovely.

Daisy – Innocence, beauty, simplicity.
To florist, Georgina Nickols, every flower has a meaning and a purpose. Flowers are something she knows, lives, and breathes. But when they start mysteriously showing up on her porch, she’s unsure of their meaning, and of who is leaving them.
What do these flowers mean to the messenger?
An old friend from high school, Corbin Waylay, moves back to town. When he shows up, he stirs up all kinds of trouble for Georgina. Her life-long friend, Sid Trail, hates him and makes that fact clear to Georgina. But despite the warnings from her friend, she just can’t help the feelings that resurface. The feelings she hasn’t felt for anyone since high school graduation, the feelings that only Corbin can induce.
As Corbin moves closer into her life, it causes a rift between her and Sid. The mystery flowers continue to appear and begin to add to the stresses of life.
Love, secrets, pain, and lies surround Georgina, putting her trust to the test.
When the messenger is finally revealed, will the meaning of the flowers be enough to repair the damage of those hidden secrets?
Forget Me Nots – Remember me forever, good memories, hope.
Single Red Rose – I love you.
And now for an excerpt!

When we get inside, he orders the pizza while I feed Chowder. I can’t help but look at him any chance I can. He’s shirtless, it’s bound to happen.
“Twenty minutes,” he says, catching me ogling him.
I blush. “Sounds good.”
Oh God, he caught me staring at his bare chest! He’s going to make an excuse to leave, just like every time I tried to get close to him in high school.
He walks up to me, slowly. “Sunshine, you wouldn’t happen to have a shirt that’s, ya know, not girly?”
I frown slightly. “Yea, I probably do.” I walk around him towards my bedroom and feel him follow me. “It might not fit as well as your own shirts, but it’ll do.” I bend over in my closet and dig in the box that contains some of my dad’s shirts. I smile as I pull out a “Pull My Finger” tee. Dad was a character, loved wearing funny tees at inappropriate events.
I turn and see him staring at me, leaning against my bedpost. “Here,” I say quietly and hand him the shirt.
He pulls it over his head and laughs when he looks down. “Your dad wore a shirt like this one to graduation.”
I nod and look away. That shirt will definitely keep me from ogling him. As I walk passed him to the door, he stops me by putting his hand on mine.
“Thank you,” he whispers, tugging me into him for a hug.
I wrap my arms around his waist and let him hold me. It feels nice to be in his arms, comforting and safe. I pull back and look up to him. “Anytime.”
His brown eyes search mine and fall to my lips.
I can’t move.
I can’t breathe.
Anticipation has me trapped in the safety of his arm, unmoving. While my insides scream, “Kiss me you fool!”
“Let’s go wait for the pizza?” He whispers.
Disappointment burns through me, I push it down to my stomach, adding it to the butterflies, anger, and shock, making one hell of an emotional cocktail.
I nod and untangle myself from his arms. I’m still not worthy to be his girl.
I should just go meet someone who isn’t afraid to kiss me. Someone that isn’t Corbin, or Sid.
Author BioRachelWalter
Rachel lives in Central Pennsylvania, is a stay at home mom, and has a wonderful husband, total of 4 kids, 3 of which are step kids. She’s a true Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers fan. She’s an insomniac that loves coffee, Johnny Depp movies and bonfires, dislikes driving on the interstate, bugs of any kind, and a too quiet house. When she’s not playing with the people inside her head, making her family think she belongs in the loony bin or writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, finding new music, new books, helping someone or plotting something equally crazy with her Critique Partners. Be sure to check out her debut YA Paranormal True Connection.








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Deviation Blog Tour



I love connecting with fans.  It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of being a writer.  About a year and a half ago, a fan let me know she read and really enjoyed For Always. We continued to correspond via Twitter, and over time, I have come to consider Dani Morales a friend. Always ready with a kind word and passion for the books and authors she loves, I am honored to be part of the blog tour for her second book Deviation. 

 photo (4)

Before I get into Deviation, I just want to say I am very proud of Dani for trusting in herself and putting her work out there for the world to see. Not an easy decision, and not for the faint of heart.  Now for the good stuff . . .



It takes just one week to realize that you’re broken, but not unfixable. ONE week to realize everything doesn’t come with a price. One week to fall in love with love. One week to fall in love with you. 


Family torn apart at thirteen by a drunk driver.

Fifteen foster homes in five years.

Determined to keep everything at bay, Nevaeh Rodgers will do whatever it takes to forget.


Until she meets Angel Barajas at a party. He can’t keep his eyes off of her. Saving her from a guy at the party and an overdose, he can’t just let her walk out his door. Determined to help her whether she wants the help or not, he sets out to find her and not a moment too soon.


It takes ONE day to realize the relationship you’re in isn’t healthy and leave. TWO days to realize you’re as pathetic as the loser you stayed with. THREE days to get a combination of drugs out of your system. FOUR days to wish life would end so you can take matters into your own hands. FIVE days to be saved. It takes a week to realize that everything each and every one of those days has in common, is the vibrant blue eyes that are staring at me right now.




When I come to again the first thing I notice is the fragrance of laundry. It smells just like when it comes out of the dryer. I roll over, shocked to come into contact with a warm, hard, body. I shoot up and scoot across the bed, only to end up falling on my ass on the other side. I bite back a groan and see that I’m only wearing my pink bra and panties. Sober. Shit!  I’m totally fucking sober right now. I crawl around looking for my pants but find nothing. I glance up at the bed and see a guy lying there asleep. I stand up and tiptoe towards the door that I’m hoping is the bathroom. I open it, but instead of a bathroom, there’s a hallway.



Part of the wall looks like the shape of a door, so I start pressing on it. When it finally opens, I see my clothes on the floor of the bathroom by the tub. Shutting the door behind me, I grab my pants and look for the pills but they’re gone. My backpack is missing too and I’m starting to freak out. I stand up and grab the counter when suddenly the door opens. I can’t even bring myself to look at whoever came in. All my focus is on trying to slow my breathing before I have a panic attack.


“Just take a deep breath in; now slowly release it, deep breath in and out.” A deep voice says as the door clicks shut behind him. He places his hands on my hips and a shudder races through my body. I look up into the mirror and see a face that looks familiar but I can’t place it.  I focus on his blue eyes which are the same shade mine used to be when I was younger. The same blue that reminds me of the innocence and happiness I had in my life before it was taken from me.


“Who are you and where am I?” My voice is shaky from the warmth of his skin on mine.


“Do you remember anything from last night?” He looks concerned.


I try to remember. I remember walking home in the morning, I remember Timo walking in with that bitch, I even remember meeting up with Ice. I shudder. This guy flexes his hands on my hips, and when I look up in the mirror I see him watching me. Click. “You were at the party. I remember staring at you and then I was coming to talk to you when Timo showed up. He was about to punch me-“I stop. He meets my eyes in the mirror, “You stood in front of me and knocked Timo out, right?”


He nods his head yes. I try to understand what’s going on and remember what happened after that but I come up with nothing. “Okay, so why am I here and who are you?”


He sighs, “Well, my name is Angel and you are in my house because you blacked out.”


I blacked out? I guess I took the wrong pill last night. “Okay, but that doesn’t explain why I’m still here. Yeah, okay, I blacked out and now I remember my vision getting blurry but that doesn’t explain why I’m still here-not that I’m ungrateful, but I’m not sure I should be thrilled either.”


He laughs at me. “Well, after I knocked out Timo, your friend said you could stay with her but she was worried Timo would find you. So I decided to bring you to my place.”


Alright. Well that makes perfect sense, I think. I feel myself nodding, “Okay, so…. why am I also half naked?”


Add Deviation to Goodreads:


Author Bio


Dani Morales is a native Texan currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three boys and her mother.  She adopted the boys in December of 2011 and loves spending every minute playing with them. On her spare time you can find a book in her hand or sitting in front of the computer typing out stories that run rampant in her mind. Her debut novel Entrelacen was released April 2013.


Purchase links for Deviation


Amazon UK

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The Love Game Blog Tour

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Today I have the pleasure of introducing to you, another incredible book by the very talented Emma Hart. Today I bring to you The Love Game!


 Here’s an excerpt from Braden’s POVTLG COVER


“Sex does not count as exercise.” She looks at me pointedly. “In any position.”

“It burns calories,” I argue. “That counts as exercise.”

She sighs and shakes her head, but I can tell she’s trying not to laugh. What? I make a damn good point.

“It’s not a recognized form of exercise, Braden.”

“You called me Bray last night. I liked it.” I scrape her hair from her face with my fingers.

“Did I? When?”

“You, um.. You had a nightmare, and I woke you. Then.”

“Oh.” She puts the muffin down. “Sorry.”

“Hey.” I make her look at me. “Don’t be sorry. Do you have them often?”

Her eyes move from my face, looking out at the crystal clear water in front of us. “Sometimes. Less than I used to.”

“Why do you get them? I mean, what do you dream about?”

The silence is telling. I know what she’s going to say before she even says it.

“The day my Mom died.”

“Maddie, we don’t have to talk about this-”

“Talking helps, sometimes. I’ve just never had anyone to really talk to.”

I take her hand, slipping my fingers through hers. I rub the back of her hand with my thumb. “If you want to talk about it, then we’ll talk.” I want her to talk to me about it.

She takes a deep breath, and in the silence, I wonder if she’s going to speak. But she does.

“I have the nightmares because I watched her die.”



LIke it? Want to win a copy?


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Author Photo You can find Emma Hart on








Never Forget Blog Tour

tour banner



I am so excited to be part of the Never Forget Blog Tour!


First- What’s Never Forget about?

never forget


A city girl.


A small town boy.


A summer they’ll never forget.


Spending the summer at her Grammy’s in Lilac Bay, Devon, is city girl Alexis ‘Lexy’ Edwards idea of hell. That is, until she reconnects with her childhood friend, Jen, and meets Alec Johnson.


Alec is the kind of guy Lexy knows she needs to stay away from. He’s the village flirt, ridiculously hot and very dangerous to her self control. But there’s a problem – she can’t seem to keep him out, even though she knows he’ll break her heart.


As Alec slowly strips away Lexy’s defences and the two embark on a summer romance she never wanted, their feelings grow to more than either expected. But nothing lasts forever, and reality intrudes.


As her world is shaken to it’s core, Lexy’s self made prediction comes true when she discovers she’s spent six weeks surrounded by secrets. Kept out by her family and the only guy she’s ever trusted, she falls apart.


And when Grammy tells her that ‘you might not end up where you wanted to be, but you’ll always end up where you’re meant to be,’ she has to figure out if her meant to be is back home in London, or if it’s been in Devon the whole time.



A Little About Emma Hart


Author PhotoBy day, Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to a terrible two year old. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of wine and writes books.


She likes to write about magic, kisses and whatever else she can fit into the story. Sarcastic, witty characters are a must. As are hot guys. She has two new series planned as well as her New Adult Romance, Never Forget, due February 2013. She likes to be busy – unless busy involves doing the dishes.
Her debut YA series, The Mauve Legacy, is an Apple iBooks Bestseller – and this makes Emma excited.




Lexy bites her lip, making a soft white indent on the pinkness, and watches Bing leave the room. I put my thumb on her lip and gently tease it from between her teeth.


“Please don’t bite your lip,” I whisper, aware of the husky tone my voice has taken on. Fuck.


”Why not?”


“Because… Ah.” I close my eyes. “When you do it, it’s goddamn sexy, Princess.”


“What, so don’t do this?”


I open my eyes again and she’s biting her lip, her eyes wide and innocent.


“Yep,” I say, all the blood in my body rushing straight down to my dick. I stand up straight. Like that would hide it. “Definitely don’t do that.”


She raises those perfectly shaped eyebrows. “Okay. I won’t.”


She turns away from me slightly, looking out the window at the garden. I exhale and lean my head back. I glance at her. Her lip is caught between her teeth once again.


“Lexy,” I growl.


“Alec?” She smiles sweetly and moves back.


“What did I just say?”


“I.. I can’t remember.” She backs into the wall, her hands flat against the stone surface.


I stalk her, placing my hands either side of her head on the wall. I lean into her, moving my face close to hers.


“Don’t bite your lip like that,” I mutter in her ear.


I ghost my lips along her jaw, barely touching the smooth skin there. Her breath catches and my mouth finds hers. Her lips are hot against mine and I sweep them with my tongue, pressing my hips against her and pinning her to the wall. She whimpers deep in her throat and opens her mouth, stroking my tongue with hers. Her hands slide around my back and she grasps my shoulders, her nails digging in slightly through my top. I cup her hip and lean into her closer, all common sense gone.


“You tell ’em, Jezza!” Vi yells. “You should have put something on the end of it!”


I stop and step back, breathing slightly heavily. I look at her. Her brown eyes are shining, her cheeks are flushed and her lips are parted in a way that makes me want to push her back against that wall and slip my tongue back through them.


My voice is quiet when I speak next, a threat and a promise of what could be, what would be if we were alone, all rolled into one. “We need to go, Princess. Now.”




How To Stalk Emma




Breaking Waves is Here!

It has officially begun… the ever-winding road that leads from Heart Waves to Breaking Waves. Journey along as the path continues to twist and turn for Jenna, Reece, and Tyler.


Let me start off with a HUGE, GINOURMOUS thank you to all of you who have supported me in any way, shape or form in this endeavor. Thank you to those that have read Heart Waves, been part of the cover reveal, or signed up for the blog tour. Your enthusiasm and excitement has been contagious. I have been moved, my heart truly touched by each of you.


The excitement leading up to the release of the second book in this series surprised me. The wave of anticipation seemed to grow higher as the date grew closer and you, all of my wonderful readers and fans have made this experience one I will relish and cherish forever.


I’m super excited about the blog tour Starting Monday January 21st- and continuing through February 22nd. I’d like to give a HUGE shout out to Jessirae Llyod from Words, Pages and Books. Jessirae has been very instrumental in making it happen, from helping bring attention to it, to organizing and communicating with us all. THANK YOU!


I hope you’ll follow along with the blog tour! Aside from reviews, there will be some fun interviews and posts, some with me, some with Reece or Jenna. And of course a giveaway! I am very hope you leave comments along the way!


Here’s the question I’m dying to ask everyone that reads Breaking Waves, Team Reece or Team Tyler?




Thank you to everyone who had taken part in the Heart Waves Blog Tour! I appreciate your support whether you hosted me, reviewed Heart Waves, stopped by and visited any of the sites, or entered any of the contests!


In my absence- from my blog anyway, I made a new discovery! Actually I’m not sure if discovery or addiction is the right way to describe it. Either way I’m sure most of you have participated, seen or at leas heard of this awesome new wave of social media. PINTEREST! Need I say more?


I might have been the last person on the face of the earth, at the very least the Twitterverse to hop on board. In case you haven’t been clued into the latest rave, Pinterest is an online bulletin board. It’s not as simple as as just creating an account then BAM your in, like Facebook and Twitter. You have to be invited. That was my first and biggest obstacle to overcome, I didn’t know how to log in. Once I was invited the fun began.


Many nights while struggling to find the inner thoughts of a difficult character (usually Tyler from Heart Waves, never wrote a character whose thoughts were so foreign to me,) I’ll hop on Twitter because I’m stuck, hoping a quick conversation or laugh will jar the exact part of my brain I need stimulated to move forward. And there it is, the primary distraction. I mean who doesn’t love the challenge of saying what’s on our mind in 140 characters or less?


I digress. I’ll watch the Twitter feed tick quickly by and notice someone has left a link leading to Pinterest. Click . . . and there it is the rest of my night, or at least a good 30 minutes spent looking at other people’s pins. It is a little like being a voyeur. You sort through the visuals of other peoples minds. Could be about baking or dream homes. Could be about hot guys or books. The great thing about Pinterest is that you are limited only by your imagination. You could add video, pictures, drawings. It is a world of it’s own, and you are the designer. So have fun and design!


Do you pin? What do you think of the craze? Is it worth the hype?
Here is a link to my Pinterest site, what’s your?



Getting Ready For Heart Waves

Just before For Always was released I stressed over it. Will anyone read it? I’m a new author and there are so many other wonderful authors out there already. Then I stressed over if people read it will they like it? There are parts that deal with some tough stuff, although I tried not to delve too deep into some of the darker elements of the story, but let’s face it, how light can a death magnet be? Over all For Always has been recieved well and I am proud of its success. So all the anxiety I felt over releasing my first novel should be squelched right? Wrong!


Now I’m out there. People know who I am. I have fans. There is a record of my work through blogs and reviews, Amazon and Goodreads. Finding an audience should be easier this time (I hope!). With recogniztion there is also expectaion. I can’t help but wonder, Will Heart Waves be as good? Will people like it? what if i disappoint them?  In the end it all comes back to the same thing, I don’t write for others, I write for me. I write because it is who I am. I write because if I didn’t my soul would shrivel up and die. With that I write from the heart. How can I doubt what is in my heart?


So I am about to take a deep breath and let the reviews fall where they may! June 1st Heart Waves is officially released!


Here is the upcoming blog tour for Heart Waves:


June 1st withabook.blogspot.comReview/ Giveaway


June 4th Guestpost/ giveaway


June 8th Interview/ giveaway


June 10th Charecter Post/ giveaway


June 13th Interview


June 16th Interview/Giveaway


June 19th Charecter Post


June 22nd Charecter Post


June 25th Charecter Post


June 28th Character Post


July 1st Charecter interview