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2013 Playlist

To all: wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year filled with health, happiness and love. With those three in hand the rest will come! 

To celebrate the end of the year, I’ve been looking back on what I’ve done this year and decided to give you my 2013 playlist that coincided with my writing.

10. Demons by Imagine Dragons- This song makes me think of Carter from Into You. Out of all my characters, he is the one with demons haunting him at every turn.

9. Counting Starts- One Republic- This songs brings Tyler from The Heart Waves Series to mind. Every time I hear it, I think of how Tyler resented the money and power his father so desired.

8. Home- Philip Philips- This song makes me think of Ryan and Carly from To My Hero. He offered her an option, hope for the future when the future seemed hopeless.

7. When I Was Your Man- Bruno Mars- This song makes me think of Reece during Breaking Waves and Waves of Love. He looked on with regret as Tyler and Jenna’s relationship grew.

6. Stay- Rhianna and Mikky Ekko- Another Jenna Tyler song. What can I say, so many of the songs I heard this year kept me focused on completing the Heart Waves Series!

5. Our song- Match box 20- This song makes me think of the end of Waves of Love. I won’t tell if it’s Reece or Tyler that my mind goes to, I’ll leave that up to you!

4. Come to Me- Goo Goo Dolls- When I first heard this song I thought it was perfect for Waves of Love, but now hearing it definitely makes me think of Carter and Elizabeth from Into You

3. Clarity- Zedd- Hearing this song as I was writing Waves of Love kept me focused. To me, it really summed up the entire series.

2. Just Give Me a Reason- Pink and Nate Reuss- I felt this song really had the feeling of angst between Ryan and Carly when she lost faith in him.

1. Beneath your beautiful – Labrinth and Emily Sande- I felt like this song really told the story of how vulnerable Tyler and Jenna were and how much they needed each other. I thought it was perfect for them.
What do you thnk? Do you have any picks I left out? If so what are they?



Cover Change!

I have something exciting to show you. New book covers. They are the same stories of some of your favorite character, Jenna, Reece and the ever swoon worthy Tyler, but with a new (and hopefully improved) look.
But that’s not all, Heart Waves and Breaking Waves were given a new price to celebrate their new look. Now you can purchase them for $0.99 just in time to get caught up before Waves of Love is released.
Waves of Love, the final installment in the Heart Waves Series is finished! Now it’s in the hands of beta readers, but the point is, it will be available soon!
So what do you think? Which do you like better, the old covers or the new ones?
Heart Waves4aBreaking Waves3a



Steamy and Sexy!

In honor of the person who issued the Danielle Sibarium challenge where people were asked to find some “Hot reads” about me, I’d like to issue a different Danielle Sibarium challenge. I challenge you to find your favorite “Hot reads,” by me. Pick your top three favorite hot scenes and/or quotes written by me. All you need to do is write the name of the book, who said it, or who the scene was between then add the quote, or describe the scene.


For instance-
Breaking Waves- Tyler- You’re right. I do. I wish you’d climb in bed with me & do unspeakable things.”


Remember, the quotes and scenes, could come from any my books, you can even use teasers or bonus scenes I’ve written! Let’s see how many “Hot Reads,” we can come up with. Ready, set go!



Breaking Waves Zumba Scene

About a month ago, I received a request for the Breaking Waves Zumba scene from Tyler’s POV. Since it was a fun and popular scene in Breaking Waves I thought I’d post it, and if you like it and want it from Tyler’s POV, simply follow my on Twitter @sibarium. When I get to 2000 follower I’ll post it! Hope you like it!


Zumba class
The wind whipped at my face as I got out of the car. The breeze made it feel much colder than it was outside. Long gone were the hot days of summer. I pulled the zipper of my sweatshirt up as high as it could go while I scanned the parking lot for Tyler.
Spotting him, I reached in and grabbed the plastic bag of freshly laundered clothes he lent me. His soft cotton t-shirt was big on me, and the sweat pants hung too low around my hips, but they’d been warm and comfortable. I hated having anything of his so intimately close to my body. I felt in a way as if he had his hands all over me. Once I gave him the clothes back, maybe I could negate that exposed feeling.
Tyler met me outside my gym in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. It was cold out, and so late in the day it would only get colder. Didn’t he realize that? Where were the rest of his clothes?

“So you’re really going to do it?” I asked.
Tyler smiled, “There’s not a challenge I’m not willing to meet.”
He would back out. Once he saw that he was the only guy in the class, he wouldn’t want to embarrass himself. He had to back out! I was banking on it.
“So what are we doing – yoga, Pilates?”
I smirked. Here it was the moment I was waiting for. Time to make Tyler squirm. “Zumba.”
He smirked. “Oh, come on.
Good. I had him on the ropes. I took great pleasure in the fact I’d been right. Tyler was too macho and full of himself to do something as lowly and feminine as Zumba. He was going to leave.
“At least yoga and Pilates might have some sort of a challenge, but Zumba? Really? It doesn’t get frillier than that. Not unless you tell me we’re going to put on tights and do ballet.”
“You don’t think Zumba is a workout?” I asked, offended.
“And here I thought you were serious.”
“Let’s see what you say after class, tough guy.” It was on. Even if he wanted to back out, I wouldn’t let him now. It was too late. I’d torment him, rubbing his face in the fact he couldn’t handle it. No way would he make fun of me only to be let off the hook.
Tyler rolled his eyes, “Okay, Jenna.”
I wanted to punch him in his smug face.
After signing him in, I lead Tyler into the Zumba studio. Already a large crowd gathered waiting for the instructor. I liked to hide out in the back when I took this class. These ladies were Zumba fanatics. They fought for space and their place in the mirror. I wondered if they did that so they could see the faces they made while working on their sexy look. Most days I’d let them have the limelight while I remained inconspicuous. Not today. Today I wanted to be front and center, with Tyler by my side.
We walked right up the middle and squeezed into the front of the room. Gaping at Tyler, the women parted like the Red Sea for Moses. I took a peek at him in the mirror. He was smiling! His lips were turned up into a huge, giant grin. And they were ogling him. They stared at Tyler with hunger in their eyes, like they’d been starved and I just handed them a decadent treat. My stomach started churning and suddenly my brilliant idea started looking like a giant flop!
Bree entered the room with her usual high energy. Good. She’d put all this craziness to a stop. I had confidence she’d set the cougars straight. They were there to work their bodies, not their libidos. I took a deep breath, knowing this sour turn of events was about to be righted.
Seeing my reflection in the mirror, Bree smiled. “Jenna, it’s so good to see you. Welcome back!”
Tyler took that as a cue to step closer to me. “Hey,” he said, pulling her attention from me to him.
Bree looked at me, her huge blue eyes questioning, “New boyfriend, Jenna?”
“Hell, no!” I spat out. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought him, he’ll be happy to leave . . .”
“No, no, no . . . not at all. Are you sure there’s nothing going on with you two?” Her eyes were still on me, the corners of her lips made their way up into a smile.
“Positive. We’re just friends.”
Before I even finished the sentence, Bree turned to Tyler. She circled him, looking him up and down, appraising his worth, the same glint in her eye the other women had. It reminded me of one of those movies where aliens invade the bodies of humans, and you could only tell through the gleam in their eyes. That’s the craziness Tyler stirred up. And he loved every second of it.
Worse of all, as Bree gave him the once over, he gave it right back to her. Of course any guy would look at Bree like that. She was gorgeous: mid-twenties, perfect body, and she probably had less than one percent body fat.
“Okay, good,” Bree said in a no-nonsense manner. “Take your shirt off.”
“What?!?” I heard wrong. I must have heard wrong, no way in hell she told Tyler to take his shirt off.
“Don’t be a prude, Jenna. If he’s not your boyfriend, and he wants to work out with us, he has to take his shirt off. It’s the rule, right ladies?” she called to the crowded room.
While I found her announcement mortifying, it seemed to make everyone else happy. Very happy. The hoots and whistles carrying through the electrified studio made it feel more like a strip club than a gym. Tyler ate it up. He turned to the ladies, raising his hands up in the air for them to increase the volume. As the claps and calls of “Take it off,” grew to an obnoxious level, Tyler pulled his shirt overhead, swung it around, and tossed it to the corner of the room where Bree stood preparing the music.
Bree looked up slowly through her thick dark lashes and smiled at Tyler salaciously, as if that were an invitation to play and they were the only two in the room. I could feel the electricity between them as Tyler flexed his muscles showing off his incredible biceps and sculpted body. No wonder the way he worked out. He posed in various positions, showing off his front and back. The room went wild with applause.
I watched, feeling sick, as if he were a terrible accident on the side of the road and I couldn’t stop myself from looking. I wanted her to start the music. The sooner we started the class, the sooner it would be over.
“You’re right, Jenna,” he leaned over and whispered, “this promises to be one amazing workout.”
“Oh shut up,” I snapped.
He laughed at my response and then talking was over. The beat of the music traveled through the room like a living, breathing pulse. I could tune him out, forget all about him if I concentrated on the music. At least
I thought I could.
It worked. At least for the warm up. I forced myself to keep my eyes on Bree’s feet and off of Tyler. It was the same song Bree used to warm the class up before my extended absence so I knew it pretty well without needing too much guidance.
After the first song, the music changed. At first it was subtle, the dirty versions of everyday songs played on the radio, and then I thought I entered the Twilight Zone. Throughout the class, Bree made adjustments to the music. I swear she changed the playlist because Tyler was there.
Every song contained strong sexual implications. Like every lyric of every song was focused on sex! And the moves matched the words.
Yes, Zumba is supposed to be sexy and a little dirty, but this was x-rated. Nothing but shaking boobs, gyrating hips and thrusting in every direction. And she never had us spank ourselves before. At one point, she was so focused on Tyler I thought her plan was to tell us to grab a partner so they could spank each other.
Tyler partied on.
I couldn’t help but peek at him in the mirror. He moved surprisingly well, with a confidence that added to his sex appeal. Sex appeal? Since when did I think of him like that?!? Was that why I was getting so angry at the unusually giddy laughing and the lusty looks he continued to get throughout the class?
Towards the end of the class, Tyler’s body glistened with sweat. His overgrown hair, shiny and damp, clung to his face. And every time a line about having sex blasted through the studio, his eyes would meet mine in the mirror. First, for a fleeting moment, but then the moments grew.
Tyler’s eyes locked on me until I’d find the strength to look away. My stomach felt funny, and a strange desire began to course through my body. I felt like he was seducing me with his eyes. The more he’d see me respond, the longer and deeper his stares grew, until I became his main focus.
Finally the cool down began. The beat of the music slowed a little and a song I never heard before blasted through the studio. I knew once I made it through this last dance the class would end; I needed to hold it together for just a few more minutes.
I tried to keep my eyes glued on Bree, following along the same patterns of swaying my hips from side to side with my arms extended up in the air above my head. While the moves were less in your face and guttural than many of the others, the words spoke of stripping and clothes dropping to the floor leaving only a naked body to be ravished and enjoyed.
I couldn’t help myself, I looked at Tyler in the mirror. His eyes were glued to me, transfixed. I watched his tongue trace his bottom lip, desire ripe in his eyes. A longing I’d only felt once in my life swelled up inside me and took over my thoughts. As if he could tell what was happening to me he mouthed the words to the song, his lips parted, eyes closed as if he were imagining . . .
I couldn’t take anymore. I ran out of the class, straight for the bathroom. I needed a minute away from him. I stood in front of the mirror and stared at my red face. Not only did I feel overheated, I looked it as well. Because of my frustration at everyone’s reaction to Tyler, I pushed myself harder than I should have, matching Bree’s intensity move for move, hoping like yesterday, I could work off the anger and aggression.
Somehow it only seemed to make it worse. Unsatisfied by this joke of a class, my body still longed for a physical release. Add Tyler to the mix and I didn’t want to give my mind the chance to put those two things together.



Valentine’s Day Special Treat!

I thought since I don’t do much for the #TeamTyler people, I’d give them a special treat today! Just to put an image in your head, this who I like to think of as Tyler!
If you haven’t read Heart Waves or Breaking Waves, no worries, you can still enjoy this scene!
I stood outside the door to Tyler’s suite, my stomach fluttering like a flock of wild birds, fast and with abandon. I felt so awkward. Instead of focusing on Tyler and our first Valentine’s Day together, I couldn’t get Reece out of my mind. This should be a year of firsts with Reece. Instead, I was doing my best not hurt this amazing, but fragile heart I’d been so lucky to be handed. Of all the things I felt being with Tyler, lucky was at the top of the list.

I knocked before I lost the courage, cut and ran. I couldn’t do that to him. I owed Tyler so much, I was just nervous tonight he’d want to collect on it. The door opened, and I couldn’t breathe.

Tyler stood in front of me, dressed all in black, which brought my attention to his smoldering green eyes as they moved over every inch of my body. A half grin played on his clean shaven face, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He reached for my hand, his tongue touching the right corner of his upper lip. I knew I was in for it. He pulled me against him hard. I didn’t expect it and stumbled forward. He inhaled, making it perfectly clear what he was thinking of.

I swallowed hard, knowing I had no chance of resisting him. Not tonight. His hands already moved down and cupped my bottom, pulling me against him. His teeth gripped my earlobe, and moved down my neck. And this was just his hello.

I pushed him away, biting my lip. “Let’s leave something for later.”

He laughed, it was such an unusual sound, but I’d been hearing more of it lately, and every time I did, a small part of my heart melted.

“Don’t worry, I have plenty planned to keep us busy.” The way he raised his eyebrows, the pure heat in his gaze, I was afraid to imagine.

“Come,” Tyler took my hand and moved further into the living area. I’d been so preoccupied with him, I didn’t notice the indoor picnic he’d set up on the floor. Should we eat first?”
I nodded, since I couldn’t find my voice.
We got down on the neatly laid out blanket Tyler had spread on the floor. Next he handed me a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

“I made it myself. It’s my favorite.”

I laughed. It seemed so out of place considering the atmosphere. Once we finished. Tyler went in his bedroom and came out with a gift wrapped present. I’d expected a chocolate heart, not an actual gift.

“Go ahead, open it.”

As I unwrapped the paper I could see a pile of books stacked one on top of the other. It wasn’t until I got the paper completely off that I could see what books they were. I felt my face fill with color. I’d heard about these books, but hadn’t even attempted to read them. What if my parents saw them? What would they think?

“I thought, since you love to read, and I just want to ravish you, I’d bring both worlds together.” His arm came around my waist as he leaned against me. “And when you read these,” he whispered, “you can highlight the things you might want to try.”

I put the books down and reached my hands behind Tyler’s neck. “Thank you.” I stood on my tiptoes ready to get lost in a steamy kiss, but Tyler leaned back and unclasped my hands from behind his head.

“Not yet. That’s only the first part of my gift.”

“I can’t imagine what else you have in store.”

“Wait right here,” Tyler ordered. I did as I was told and watched him disappear into the bedroom. When he returned, he carried his desk chair. He cleared away the picnic blanket, and placed the chair in the middle of the open space. I watched curious.

Tyler sat me down in the chair, “Don’t move.” He kissed his finger then touched it to my lip as he continued to move around. “And no peeking.”

I giggled, hoping to hide how silly I felt. The silence broke. Loud music blared through the open space. I tried to turn my head, but Tyler placed his hands on either side of my face and didn’t let me. “Don’t move,” he whispered.

I recognized the music. Bree played it in the Zumba class. This was the song he mouthed to me in the mirror, the one that undid me. Tyler leaned over the back of the chair and placed his hands over mine. I heard him sing the lyrics as he took control of my hands and moved them, slowly, seductively over my body. He moved my hands up my legs, slowing down as they reached my inner thighs, up and up he continued to go. Together our hands moved up my center, grazing over my breasts, up my neck, lifting my hair along the way, all the way up to my head.

Never releasing my hands, Tyler came around to the front of the chair so I could see him. I could see desire and raw need in his eyes. He looked how I felt. As the music continued, Tyler swayed his hips from side to side before starting our hands on a journey of his body. Again he started with the legs. His legs were so muscular and strong, over his growing bulge, all the way up to his chest. In a sudden move, Tyler let go of me. His hands moved up his neck over his face, into his hair, with moaning and heavy breathing sound effects that matched the sentiment.

I stared with an open mouth, heat surging through my body, a strong need growing in my belly and down below. Tyler’s hands moved back down to his black shirt opening each of the buttons as he continued swaying in time with the music.
When all the buttons were opened, he asked, “Do you want to take it off?” Did I!

“Yes!” I just wanted my hands back on him. I stood and took my time moving the shirt back over his shoulders and off him. When I finished, I reached out to touch him, but he shook his head and pushed me back down onto the chair.
Tyler disappeared behind me once again. I wanted to look, but I was rather enjoying the show.

“Can I look?” I asked.

“Only if you want me to take you over my knee. But I think you should read those first,” he teased.

When he showed himself again, Tyler’s chest glistened. I watched him touching himself, dancing suggestively in front of me. Then his hands moved down. Down his naval, over the fly of his pants. I watched the pleasure on his face as he stroked himself. He unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down. I was bursting with desire. I needed him to stop teasing me. I never wanted anything so bad in my life.

Tyler straddled me on the chair. His hands went around me and held on to the frame so that he wasn’t touching me at all. He leaned into me, his eyes burning, his lips dipped down, I closed my eyes waiting for him to kiss me. It was such delicious torture to be teased like this. His lips never met mine.

“I want you so bad, Jenna.”

“I want you too.”

I couldn’t take anymore, I grabbed his hair, wound it between my fingers and pulled him to me. My hands fell to his shoulders, ran over his chest, all the way down passed the open fly.

“Oh, Jenna,” he threw his head back, eyes closed. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Tyler’s head snapped forward. He met my stare. Although he’d said it the night we first kissed, I’d never before told Tyler I loved him.


“I love you, too. It’s time for my gift, all though I don’t know if you’ll find mine as awesome as I’ve found yours.”
My eyes never leaving his, I reached down and opened my locket. I had no idea how he would react to this, but for me it was very symbolic. Opposite Reece’s picture, I placed Tyler’s. I loved them both, and they were both a part of me.

“Jenna. Do you mean it?”

“Wait there’s more.” I reached down for my bag and pulled from it a binding ring with laminated slips of paper, and handed it to Tyler.

“What is this?” His lips curled up in a smile.

“Read it.”

“Coupon book,” Tyler read. “This coupon is good for one foot massage. One use only.” He flipped to the next one. “This coupon is good for home cooked meal. One use only. This is cute.” He reached out and stroked the side of my face.

“Keep going.” I kept my eyes glued to him as he turned to the last coupon in the booklet.

“This coupon is good to ravish my body. Use any time you’d like.”

His mouth fell open as eyes met mine in disbelief. “Jenna, are you sure?”

I nodded. I didn’t blame him for being skeptical, I asked myself that same question even as I gave it to him.
“Do you like it?”

Instead of answering, Tyler met my lips with a deep all consuming kiss. A kiss filled not just with longing, but with love.

“You’re sure?” He asked again. I kissed him back to answer. Tyler stood and pulled me to my feet. “In that case,” he swept me up in his arms. “I’d like to cash in one of these coupons.”

“Oh yeah? Which one?” I asked leaning my head into the crook of his neck as he started walking to his bedroom.

“The one that’ll have you screaming my name all night long!”

I knew this was going to be one of the greatest nights of my existence!


I love getting comments, so please tell me, what do you think?


Breaking Waves is Here!

It has officially begun… the ever-winding road that leads from Heart Waves to Breaking Waves. Journey along as the path continues to twist and turn for Jenna, Reece, and Tyler.


Let me start off with a HUGE, GINOURMOUS thank you to all of you who have supported me in any way, shape or form in this endeavor. Thank you to those that have read Heart Waves, been part of the cover reveal, or signed up for the blog tour. Your enthusiasm and excitement has been contagious. I have been moved, my heart truly touched by each of you.


The excitement leading up to the release of the second book in this series surprised me. The wave of anticipation seemed to grow higher as the date grew closer and you, all of my wonderful readers and fans have made this experience one I will relish and cherish forever.


I’m super excited about the blog tour Starting Monday January 21st- and continuing through February 22nd. I’d like to give a HUGE shout out to Jessirae Llyod from Words, Pages and Books. Jessirae has been very instrumental in making it happen, from helping bring attention to it, to organizing and communicating with us all. THANK YOU!


I hope you’ll follow along with the blog tour! Aside from reviews, there will be some fun interviews and posts, some with me, some with Reece or Jenna. And of course a giveaway! I am very hope you leave comments along the way!


Here’s the question I’m dying to ask everyone that reads Breaking Waves, Team Reece or Team Tyler?



The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I am so excited to be part of The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. First of all I’d like to give a huge thank you to Maria Montiero for inviting me to take part in this. I was lucky to meet Maria on Twitter through a headache and very glad I did. I’m excited to share the details of the new book I’ve been working on. Hopefully my answers to the next ten questions will give you some insight on who I am and what my new book is all about.


Hope by the end of this you’ll be as excited about it as I am!


Q1: What is the working title of your book?
Breaking Waves (Heart Waves 2)


Q2: Where did the idea for the book come from?

Breaking Waves is the squeal to Heart Waves. I got the idea for the Heart Waves trilogy a while back when I wrote For Always. It was actually Heart Waves I wanted to write but I needed to develop the relationships first, and ended up with a completely different book. In separating them I saw that Heart Waves was going to be a really long book, so I decided to break it up into three installments


Q3: What genre does your book fall under?
YA Paranormal Romance, YA Contemporary Romance

Q4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
This is a really tough question for me, and one I don’t usually do well with because most of the actors that would fit what I’d want for the characters tend to be older, but I can give you some fun visuals!


Reece Walton                                                    Jenna Kingsley                                                           Tyler Cleary



Q5: What’s one sentence synopsis for your book?

When you are left shattered and broken by the one you love, you’ll do anything you can to pick up the pieces and put your life back together again.


Q6: Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

It will be published through KFR Communications


Q7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I have three young children, and I write in my child free moments. Needless to say there aren’t too many of those.  I’d like to say the first draft took six months.

Q8: What other books would you compare this story to, within your genre?
While I personally haven’t read anything that I can compare it to, others have suggested My Favorite Mistake, and Taking Chances


Q9: Who or what inspired you to write this book?

As I said earlier, the idea for the Heart Waves Series really came about while writing For Always, so I guess you can say the idea of young love! But as I hit the midpoint of this book, it really was the fan encouragement, and the strong reaction people had to Reece, that kept the excitement alive for me.

Q10: What else about your book might pique the readers’ interest?

In Breaking Waves I think the readers will be interested in the dynamics between Jenna and Tyler.
Now I’m excited to pass the torch to another exciting writer, who will tell you all about her work when she posts on December 22th. Introducing . . . Emma Hart
Danielle Sibarium
Take it away . . . Emma Hart!



Breaking Waves Playlist

Just so you can get a peek into my mood and mind while writing Breaking Waves, I thought I’d share with you some songs from my playlist. Listen at your own risk, they may reach inside and pull out pain and anguish form deep within your soul, or not. For me, they helped keep my focus in that emotional place of emptiness and loss, which is exactly where Jenna needed to be. So here are 10 from the Breaking Waves play list in no particular order:

10 Unlove You- Ashley Tisdale 
9 When You’re Gone- Avril Lavigne
8 Possibility- Lykke Li
7 Roslyn- Bon Iver &St. Vincent
6 Because of you- Kelly Clarkson
5 Wake me Up Inside –Evanescence FT. Linkin Park
4 Mr. Brightside- The Killers
3 Jar of Hearts –Christina Perry
2 Broken- Lifehouse
1 My Immortal- Evanescence

So what do you think? Do you know these songs? Like them? Hate them? Can’t wait to hear from you!



Breaking Waves Cover Reveal

I know you’ve all been waiting patiently for Breaking Waves, the second book in the Heart Waves trilogy, to be released. I love the feedback I’ve been getting from the hints and teasers I’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter. And I can promise you three things about Breaking Waves-


1. We will get to know Tyler better.
2. There will be some unexpected twists (Hopefully)
3. It’s not the final book in the series


Okay, I’ll give you a little more to go on-


From the moment they met, Jenna knew Reece would break her heart, but she never dreamed it would happen like this. Jenna is left shattered and broken. When life becomes too painful to deal with and she feels completely alone, there’s only one person to help her pick up the pieces and move on. The one person she doesn’t want to turn to. The one person she promised to stay away from. Tyler.

Can Jenna put aside everything she knows about him and let Tyler help heal her broken heart?


That’s it, that is all I’m going to say about Breaking Waves right now. Oh yeah and the cover! Ready? Here it is!




 So, what do you think? Do you like it? I’d love to hear what you think about the cover and/or Breaking Waves!