For Always

Countdown for the And Forever release

Today I’m starting the countdown to the release of And Forever the long awaited, highly anticipated sequel to For Always.
And Forever

Today I’d like to give you some insight into the Eternity series by sharing some fun facts about it with you.


1. I really did start a fire with candle and a paper towel when I was six. My mother was napping on the couch when she heard me blowing on the flames shooting out of our garbage pail.

2. The original setting of For Always was Canarsie Brooklyn, the area I grew up in, but I had to change that because of the drastic changes that area has gone through.

3. The Halloween scene in For Always was inspired by real events.

4. The smoky bus scene really did happen. I watched in awe and horror as the guy I liked flew through the window.

5. I always wanted to learn how to play the drums.

6. Although I never come out and say what college Stephanie is going to, I tried to describe FDU Madison campus with the beautiful fountain behind the mansion.

7. As far as I know, no students went skinny-dipping in the fountain.

8. After reading For Always, my two best friends each thought they were the Character Maria (neither is), so I dedicated And Forever to the both of them.

9. While writing And Forever my husband and I went to Dave and Buster’s and it seemed like the perfect place for Jordan and Stephanie to go on their first “official date.”

10. For Always was a standalone. I had no intention of ever writing a sequel.

It is because of the tremendous fan response I received from For Always, and the never ending requests for a sequel that And Forever came to life. It’s been a labor of love, but now that it is finished I’m glad that I wrote it, and want to thank you, my fans for convincing me to do so.
I hope you enjoy this next part of Stephanie and Jordan’s journey as much or more than you enjoyed the first part. Please continue reaching out to me. It may take a day or two to get back to you, but I love interacting with my readers. Happy Reading.



For Always & And Forever Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to reveal not just one, but two covers today!

The first- It’s the same love story, just with a fresh new look! Here’s the new cover of For Always-

For Always Full

“There’s nothing you can’t do if you want it bad enough.”


I entered the world with a massive defect. I attracted death. Like a magnet. I could feel it all around me. It wrapped its icy fingers tight around my chest, leaving me no room for escape.  That was my life before I met Jordan Brewer, the boy I became infatuated with. Obsessed with. The boy that became my everything.


I knew he wanted me, too. I saw it. I felt it. But he was older, and wouldn’t act on his feelings. I knew in time I’d make him mine. Just as he promised me a future together, his life was torn apart. He turned away from me and shut me out of his life. Could I convince him to let go of his past and hold on to me? Or would he continue to punish us both for something he couldn’t control?


My readers and fans have been so wonderful contacting me via email, or on Facebook and Twitter asking for more of Stephanie and Jordan’s story. It took a while, but you convinced me, so I’m happy to reveal the cover to the long awaited, highly anticipated sequel to For Always, And Forever.

And Forever Full

“Sometimes being with the one you love hurts more than being without them.”
“There’s nothing you can’t do if you want it bad enough.” This is the mantra Jordan Brewer drilled into my head since the day I met him. He convinced me nothing is out of my reach, not even him.
I love Jordan, and Jordan loves me, but something always gets in the way. I had to fight tooth and nail to convince him we belong together. Now he’s mine, but I’m not sure our love is strong enough to survive.
I’m away at school and Jordan’s playing drums for a local band. We hardly see each other, and when we do, he’s haunted by demons from his past. I’m struggling to fit in and he’s struggling with his ever-growing mountain of guilt. Will we be able to hold on to each other through the tough times, or will it all come tumbling down around us?


These beautiful covers were designed by CT Cover Creations.  I hope you love them as much as I do. Well?  What do you think?



And Forever update!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve given an update on And Forever the sequel to For Always. But if you’ve been waiting for news, I have some. The And Forever cover reveal will be on February 5th, 2014. Along with this cover, will be the new cover of For Always. Yes, For Always is getting a new look. I’ve been torn about changing the cover since For Always was my first book and I love the current cover of For Always.

And Forever teaser

To all my fans, I never planned on writing a sequel to For Always. But the overwhelming amount of requests I’ve gotten since its release convinced me to do it. I took my time with this to make sure I got it right. I hope that love Stephanie and Jordan as much in And Forever as you did in For Always.
The release of And Forever will be . . . drumroll please, February 24th, 2014.  If you’d like to help out with the cover reveal, I’d appreciate the help getting the word out. The form is on my Events & Signings page!


For now, I’ll leave you with an And Forever teaser. I’ll be posting more teasers on twitter and Facebook until the release.


Go add And Forever to your TBR list!


What are you most looking forward to in And Forever? What do you hope will happen?



Valentine’s Surprise!

First, I would like to thank you for coming here to check out my special announcement. First, I’d like to thank all the bloggers that haven given up their time not only to read my books, but for the reviews that follow as well. I’d like to thank every reader that has ever picked up one of my books and given them a chance. And finally I’d like to thank all of my fans that have felt compelled to reach out to me. I have appreciated all of your letters, messages, and support, whether it came in an email, or just a short and sweet tweet.
Web Cover
When I began this journey, I had no expectations. I had dreams and hopes and wishes, but to say I expected For Always to take on a life of its own would not be true. Since its release in October of 2011, many people have contacted me asking me if I planned to write a sequel. I thought Stephanie and Jordan’s story had been completed, but for many of you, it wasn’t enough. So because you asked, because you told me in no uncertain terms you wanted it, I am working on And Forever, the sequel to For Always. And Forever picks up where For Always ended. While Stephanie and Jordan are finally a couple, they still carry the same baggage they had before. Can their love survive the ghosts of their past and the challenges of the future?
I hope you are excited about this as I am. I expect And Forever to be released in July 2014. Until then, look for teasers on Facebook and Twitter. And before I go, I leave you with this, the prologue of And Forever. Once again thank you for being so amazing. Happy Reading!
The scent of death lingered nearby. Always. Only I didn’t attract it, I repelled it, like a deflector shield. This was my lot in life, to extend the days of those I loved. That theory came from Jordan; the keeper of my heart, and the love of my life!
I sighed. I didn’t realize I did it until Jordan apologized. Again.
“I’m sorry Steph, I don’t want to be distracted.”
“I know. I understand. Promise.”
He misunderstood. It was a contented sigh. One that said I was thrilled my boyfriend was driving me to school. The sigh was a sign of how surreal sitting next to Jordan and knowing that he loved me was. How I couldn’t believe in a matter of hours he’d be leaving me alone on the college campus, and I intended to savor each minute with him. The sigh was the only chance I had of getting any of those sentiments across because he didn’t want me to talk while he was driving. I knew just being in the car together was challenging for him.
Jordan still suffered the after effects of a terrible car accident that left his ex-girlfriend dead. Of course he was breaking up with her at the time because he loved me, and I pushed him into making a choice between us. When he served as my unexpected prom date, I made him admit his feelings. That’s what led to his break-up with Madison, leaving him in a swamp of guilt induced quick sand when she died. But we worked through all that.
I hoped.
I didn’t bother saying anything further to try and reassure him I wasn’t upset. I’d already been warned he couldn’t concentrate on the road and to keep the radio down. The problem was he wanted it down so low I couldn’t hear the music. I glanced at his hands on the steering wheel, his knuckles were white. He held on so tight I expected his fingers to cramp up. I hated that this was so hard for him. I wished I knew how to make it better, but the only thing I could do was stand beside him and hope in time he’d heal.
I turned to my window, watching the never ending expanse of trees zoom by. I wished for a brief moment I’d gone in the other car with my mother and her new, at least new to me, boyfriend Eddie. I’d been clueless about Eddie, but after her health scare last week, she came clean. She wanted to see him and had been ordered to take a few days off of work. Work is where they’d rendezvous during lunch. She’d been frightened when they first told her it looked like a heart attack and realized it was silly to keep him hidden away. No way I wanted to hear what cheesy, weird things they might be talking about. I mean it was my mom, gross. Still, I was happy for her. My father died a decade ago and as far as I knew she’d never dated before.
I chose to ride with Jordan, because even in the deafening silence, and the tension he carried on his shoulders every time we got in a car together, there was nowhere else I’d rather be. From the first moment he spoke to me, he owned my heart. It was branded with his name. I’d tried for four years to move on, to forget him, but that wasn’t an option for me. No one could hold a candle to him.
“Hey,” He pulled my attention back to the here and now. “You know I love you right?”
I smiled. Of course he knew that would make me smile, that’s why he said it. It felt like that’s all I’d done over the last week since he found me crying on the beach. I’ll never forget the wave of relief that washed over me when I found out he’d been spared from a terrible plane crash. He never made it on the plane because I called him at the last minute in an attempt to get him to stay. Thank goodness I did. I didn’t know where he was going or why, but Maria warned me that he was leaving, and it might be forever.
I always believed myself to be the root cause of the bad things that happen to people around me, Jordan thought I was what kept them hanging on. I didn’t believe him, at least not yet. But having him try to convince me otherwise promised to be amazing.

So what do you think? Are you excited? Remember, your thoughts and comments keep me inspired! And now for the giveaway!

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For Always on Kobo

I have some exciting news. For Always is now available on Kobo, yay!!! Web CoverIt’s also available in Paperback, Kindle and Nook formats. To celebrate, I decided to post the Prologue. It’s a coming of age story that follows the characters over a four year period, starting in YA and ending in NA. So what do you think? Don’t forget to leave a comment!


I entered the world with a massive defect. I attracted death. Like a magnet. I could feel it all around me. It wrapped its icy fingers tight around my chest, leaving me no room for escape. It enveloped me, draped over my shoulders like a heavy dark shroud.
The day I was born my cousin died in a car accident. Eight days after my birth, while holding me in her arms my mother’s mother closed her eyes, bowed her head, and breathed her last breath. At four years of age, while sleeping at her house, my mother’s sister suffered a cerebral hemorrhage caused by an aneurism.
The gurgling sound of retching woke me. I opened my eyes to see my aunt on the other side of the bed, eyes open and rolled to the back of her head, vomit oozing out of her mouth. I ran around the bed and brought the small garbage pail to her bedside. I shook her shoulder trying to wake her, to get her attention. She didn’t speak or move. I called my mother. And then I dialed 911.
I brought bad luck to all around me. Pets only reinforced my beliefs. Dogs died prematurely. One suffered a heart attack at only three years of age. Another suffered smoke inhalation.


The candle’s flame danced and burned on the kitchen table, hold¬ing me mesmerized in front of it. I’d been drinking water and spilled some. I reached for a paper towel on the other side of the candle to wipe up my mess.
The paper towel seemed to slice right through the orange, flicker¬ing flame. I never saw anything so amazing! As if it were a magic trick that needing perfecting, I tried it again and again and again, until I felt the scorching heat move with me and the smell of fire tickling my nose. I didn’t know what to do with the paper towel. It was burning so fast and the flame kept growing.
I looked around quickly wondering what to do. I had only an instant to decide. My mother lay on the living room couch, napping in front of the TV. I didn’t want to wake her, afraid she’d be mad I played with the candle. I threw the blazing paper into the plastic garbage pail next to the table.
The fire grew and now large flames shot out of the pail. I blew on the fire, trying to put it out like a birthday candle. It didn’t help. The smoke detector sounded, chiming in a steady rhythm of loud beeps, like an obnoxious car alarm.
I felt arms pick me up and spin me away from the shooting flames and melting pail. My mother screamed for me to get out of the house as she ran for the hose attached to the kitchen sink. I stood frozen in place. I couldn’t leave. I couldn’t leave her to die trying to fix my mistake.
Once the fire was under control Mom poured huge pots of water into the garbage, and eventually picked up the pail and placed it in the sink with continuous water running over it. We didn’t even look for Lucky, our five year old pug, until well after the fire had been extinguished. She hadn’t come out at all. Not to go for a walk. Not for a drink of water. Mom called Lucky. She didn’t move from her spot under the kitchen table.
Small dog, small lungs.
There were others, too. We had a gerbil, Frisky. I took Frisky out and held him in my hands, petting him gently with my pointer finger while my mother cleaned his tank. I held Frisky up near my nose.
“Who’s the sweetest little gerbil?” I asked.
Frisky, living up to his name liked to move a lot. I didn’t want to drop my squiggling ball of fur, so I tightened my grip just a bit.
Frisky bit me. I yelped as I dropped him on the floor. Mom, squea¬mish around him to begin with, panicked and dropped the twenty gallon glass tank squarely on him. Gerbil pancake.
The most devastating loss of all came at eight years old. My father left for work in the morning and never came back. He suffered a massive heart attack on the train. No pain. No warning.
The only constants in my life were my mother, my best friend Maria, who saw past my defect, and the great black cloud of despair that ruled my world. It was the only thing I could count on to never leave me alone.
Until Jordan changed my life.


Steamy and Sexy!

In honor of the person who issued the Danielle Sibarium challenge where people were asked to find some “Hot reads” about me, I’d like to issue a different Danielle Sibarium challenge. I challenge you to find your favorite “Hot reads,” by me. Pick your top three favorite hot scenes and/or quotes written by me. All you need to do is write the name of the book, who said it, or who the scene was between then add the quote, or describe the scene.


For instance-
Breaking Waves- Tyler- You’re right. I do. I wish you’d climb in bed with me & do unspeakable things.”


Remember, the quotes and scenes, could come from any my books, you can even use teasers or bonus scenes I’ve written! Let’s see how many “Hot Reads,” we can come up with. Ready, set go!



Merry Christmas!

This has been a tough run into the holidays for many people. We have seen both natural disaster and the evil that hate can do. But let us not forget the reason for the season, love. It is easy to get lost in the darkness so head toward the light and you will overcome! I wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas!


I’d like to give the gift of a free e-book to the first three people who leave a comment. All you have to do is tell me which book you want. For Always or Heart Waves, and why! Good luck. 


I’d also like to share a post I wrote for That Artsy Reader Girl. If you didn’t have a chance to read it, here it is, enjoy!


I lie in bed with my eyes closed, waiting for sleep. I sighed, feeling not an ounce of joy or hope in my heart for this holiday season. I missed Reece! He was all I wanted, my very own Christmas miracle. Sappy songs played through my mind like, “I’ll be home for Christmas,” and “All I want for Christmas is you,” Every song was a reminder of how much I missed him.




My imagination got the best of me. With my eyes closed I sniffled, and squeezed tight the huge stuffed dog Reece won for me on our first date.


“Jenna, baby,” I heard the voice again. My memory was cruel. Everything about the sound of his melodious voice was perfect. “Wake up!” He brushed my hair back away from my face, electricity surged through my body at his touch.


I hadn’t felt that familiar heat in a long time. Too long!


“Reece?” I shot up, not believing he sat on the edge of my bed. “Is that really you?”


He smiled. His honey brown eyes soft and playful.


I launched myself at him, almost knocking us both off the bed.  


He wrapped his around my waist crushing me against him. “I love you!” I felt tears on my cheek. I didn’t know for sure if they were mine or his. “I miss you Jenna, more than you could ever imagine.” After a few moments he stood, helping me to my feet.




“Wait, where are we going? Why can’t we just stay here and . . .”


“Shh.” He brushed his soft, warm lips against mine, waking parts of body and heart that lie dormant since the last time he was in my room. “I don’t have much time.”


The pain of disappointment sliced at my heart, like a thousand tiny razors.


He gave me a sad forced smile. “But, I’m here now. I couldn’t miss our first Christmas together. Let’s make the most of it.” He led me from my bedroom to the front door. “We don’t want to wake your parents,” He whispered, a playful twinkle in his eyes.  


Still in my pyjamas, I pulled a pair of boots on, and followed him out the door. At the curb, in front of my house, a fancy horse drawn carriage waited. The brown and white horse was decked out in red and green adornments, with tiny, silver bells dispersed on its mane and head stall.


Seeing my reaction Reece lit with joy.


We bounded down the porch steps. The driver stood alongside the carriage and took my hand to help me up. Lying on the interior seat sat a very soft, cosy blanket.  Once we settled in, the drive flicked the reins and the horse began to trot down my street through the unmarred snow.


Reece threw the blanket over us and held me tight. I nuzzled my head against his chest, tears of joy pooling in my eyes.


“This is the best Christmas gift ever!” I gushed. “I can’t believe you’re here! I thought you were . . .”


Reece dipped down and met my lips again. My heart thrummed faster than the speed of light, so fast, I could barely tell one beat from the next. We were together again. Finally. I took a deep breath, breathing it all in: the snow, the night air, and Reece.


In an instant it all came to an end. The carriage stopped and the driver cleared his throat. We were in front of my house. Right back to where we started. My heart dropped to the cold, hard ground.


Reece placed one last gentle kiss on my lips before pulling away, climbing out of the carriage, and extending his hand for me.


Reluctantly I let him lead me back to my bedroom.  He pulled the covers back for me to climb into my bed.  “I don’t want you to go,” I whined. “You’re my Christmas miracle.” I sniffled and fought to conceal a yawn.


He smiled a warm loving smile that went straight to my heart! “C’mon sleepy head back to bed.”


“I’m not tired,” I answered.


“You are such a bad liar.” Reece sat on the bed and waited for me to lie down next to him.


“I’m not going to sleep you know.”


He grinned the cocky, self-assured smirk I missed so much.


“Just lie down.”


I listened only because it would keep me close to him. Reece ran his fingers through my hair. “Now close your eyes.”


I shook my head. I didn’t want to risk falling asleep, and risk him slipping away.


“Please. I’ll tell you all about the things we’ll do when I get back,” he tried to convince me.


 I closed my eyes and listened. I listened to his soft voice, and his promises of things to come.


Something startled me. I shot up and opened my eyes. “Reece?”


Sunlight spilled in through the blinds. It was Christmas morning and I was alone in my room, with no sign of him. I let out a long, frustrated sigh. It was a dream, nothing more. A wonderful, miraculous dream brought on by the sentiment of the holiday. 


I rubbed my hands over my face, feeling something cold and hard against my skin. I brought my hand down and stared at it in disbelief. Reece’s ring was on my finger.  I never took the ring off my necklace. Suddenly, I wasn’t so sure about what really happened. After all, people say nothing is impossible at Christmas. It’s all about believing in miracles. And at that moment, more than anything I wanted to believe.



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For Always’ Book Birthday!

I can’t believe it’s been a year! October 27 will be one year from the official release of For Always. It has been such a wonderful year! Two Signings at Booktowne, a signing at Barnes & Noble, countless fans contacting me, thanking me. I can’t imagine people thanking me for doing what I love, what I live for. For most of this year I have been on a high with the warm response I’ve gotten from readers. By the way, I love when readers take the time to contact me for any reason. The only reason this year has been so wonderful is because you have been there to cheer me on. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you! To show my thanks , I’m giving away A signed copy of For Always to US residents and one e-copy open to all. Good luck!



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Cool Key Chains

September has been a crazy month.  My kids went back to school and I had my first experience with Vertigo (not fun! I’ve been away from the gym, and limited in my ability to read and write, boo! On the upside I had a wonderful experience at my first ever Barnes & Noble signing, (thank you to everyone who came!)  Here’s a pic of me and Danielle from


Life has normalized a bit and suddenly I see the light at the end of the path for Breaking Waves, the sequel to Heart Waves.  A few more good busy days and I’ll be able to finish and get down deep in edits.



As a thank you to all my fans who  continue to support and inspire me here is a chance to win one of these awesome key chains.



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Something Special!

So sorry I’ve been away. I wish I could say I’ve had some wondrous adventure, that I was finishing up a manuscript or adhering to a rough and unyielding tour schedule. The reason for my prolonged absence is nothing spectacular. It is simply this, I’ve been too dizzy to blog. That being said I have prepared something exciting for all of you who fell in love with For Always, especially those of you who are team Jordan! So here it is, back in school right after the smokey bus incident from Jordan’s POV.


For Always Ch-4 Jordan’s POV


     My heart raced like the Road Runner trying to escape Wile E Coyote. I can’t believe I over-reacted like that. I couldn’t handle the thought of being trapped. For a minute I was four years old lying on the attic floor, banging on the door for someone to help me. Not this time. I couldn’t let myself be trapped, not with an exit in my reach right next to me. But I shouldn’t have bailed on her. I should’ve told Stephanie what to do once I reached the ground. Shit, now everyone will be talking about it. I had to take a deep breath and focus on the spin.
      “But how did you know what to do? Have you ever done that before?” Stephanie beamed at me with excitement.
     “Read the signs,” I answered doing my best to act like nothing out of the ordinary just happened. “It clearly says emergency exit above the window. How else do you think you would get out?”  

     “I think you could use the doors.”
     “Stuck remember?”
     She nodded. “Still, it seems so drastic. I mean to kick it out like that.”
     I shook my head, “Nothing happened to the window. You know that right? The window isn’t broken.”
     “I’m not an idiot, you know.”
     I laughed. No, of course she wasn’t an idiot, but teasing her was fun and made me forget for a minute what a fool I made out of myself.
     As we entered the front doors of the school, Stephanie changed. Her eyes didn’t look as bright and happy as they did a second ago. She looked sad and unsure of herself. I wondered why? How could I get her to smile again? She was so pretty when she smiled, and when it was real, no girl could hold a candle to Stephanie.
     I started to shift direction toward my locker. She looked down at her feet. What happened to cause this change in her mood? Was it me, was she embarrassed to be seen with me after what I’d just done? What was going through her mind? And why didn’t I want to let her go? She seemed so relaxed, so at ease with herself today. I’d never seen her like that before. She always came across so insecure and guarded. Was it because she was alone? Did Maria intimidate her that much?
     “See you,” she held up her hand and waved.
     “That’s it?” I couldn’t believe she was just going to walk away. I wasn’t ready to let her go. I wanted to keep her close. “After we share a tragic, life altering event?” I thought if I continued walking in the direction of my locker she’d follow. One step, nothing. Two steps, bingo! Stephanie scurried alongside me trying to keep up. “You’re going to walk away, like this is just a regular day?”
     “Life altering event?” She laughed. I never heard her laugh before. Not like this. It sounded real, completely unforced. Not that phony flirtatious laugh girls always put on.   

     “You mean when you so rudely pushed me aside to save yourself?”
     Oh good, Stephanie’s playful mood returned. “I only did it to pave the way for an escape for you.”
     “You are so full of it.”
     She leaned against the locker next to mine. I felt her eyes on me as I tossed my jacket inside. This I was used to. I often noticed Stephanie staring at me as Maria would drone on incessantly. I liked having her full attention.
     “And you love every minute of it,” I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. Something about the way she reacted to me today, I could tell she wanted me, and that gave me a warm gushy feeling inside.
     Stephanie looked up at me through her eyelashes. Her eyes seemed to say, “take me, I’m yours.” I held her stare not wanting to release her as I took a step closer. The pull I felt for her, the longing I saw in her eyes made me feel strong, powerful, a stark comparison to how frightened and weak I felt fifteen minutes earlier. At that moment I wanted her. In every way. I wanted her mind, body and soul.
     I placed my hands on either side of her, resting them on the locker where she stood. Her hair covered part of the left side of her face. I wanted to see every nook and cranny of her face. I wanted to see the crinkle in Stephanie’s nose when she smiled, along with each blush I hoped to cause in her creamy skin. I brushed the hair back behind her ear. I heard her inhale as my fingers brushed over her skin.
     I fought to keep my breath steady. I didn’t want her to know I was just as undone as she. I didn’t want to give her any hint of the thoughts running my mind. I wanted to throw her over my shoulder and whisk her off somewhere private. I wanted to press my body against hers and explore her pouty, pink lips. All I could focus on was how much I wanted to kiss her. I felt my muscles tighten as all out need roared through my veins.
     The loud metal clanking of the locker next to us being slammed startled me. I snapped my head to the right to see what idiot just interrupted us. And then I realized what I was doing, what I would’ve done. No. I couldn’t. Stephanie was just too young, too vulnerable. I couldn’t hurt her, not like that. I let my arms fall to my sides. Without a word, I stepped back and turned toward the hall we had just come from.
     “c’mon,” I looked back to find she hadn’t moved. She looked confused, let down. I hated that I could do that to her. Distance would help. I needed to distance myself from her today, tomorrow. It hurt even to think about it.
     “Where are we going?” She asked hope once again alive in her eyes. I had to be careful with Stephanie, very, very careful.
     I sniggered as I watched pink color fill her cheeks, certain I knew where her head was, somewhere in the gutter right next to mine.
     “To your locker,” I answered as the bell rang. Saved by the bell, thank goodness. I let out a long frustrated breath and put my hand out for her to go first. “Lead the way.”


So what do you think? Did you like it? Want more xtra’s from Jordan’s POV? If you want to see more, you have to let me know! How? It’s simple, Just leave a comment telling me what you thought of this, and other scenes you might like to see from Jordan’s POV!