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Man Up Husband is Live

I’m excited to announce that my latest book in the Man Up series, Man Up Husband is now live! This series breaks away from my earlier work as the content is meant for readers 18+. I’m very excited about the feedback I’ve gotten on Troy and Marlena’s journey. Jump in and buckle up for a fun and emotional ride. Ready?

Man Up Husband Full

Secrets are like explosives- hard to handle, dangerous and sometimes lethal. A marriage with secrets is a marriage on the brink of destruction.


Falling for Troy Evans was a fairy tale. As real life took hold, things changed. Once upon a time, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Now we barely touch each other. Talking is close to impossible, until Troy turns the heat between us up a notch. I’m falling in love with him all over again, but I have a secret. A secret I’m afraid will destroy us.


Marlena Madden was everything I could ever ask for. She’s smart and beautiful, my perfect match. I love her more than anything. Somehow we allowed married life and parenthood to swallow us up and come between us. Exploring ways to pull us out of the humdrum routine we fell into, we’re making our way back to each other. But I can’t help but feel there is something she’s not telling me. Something dark. Something that’s threatening to destroy us.


To celebrate the release of Man Up Husband, all the books in the Man Up series are on sale for 99 CENTS for a limited time!


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Character Post with Maria Montiero

I’m very excited to have some special guests here. I have Emma from Hold on Tight and Letting Go, along with her two girl pals Britney and Roxy.  Emma is a little confused, she’s torn between these two awesome guys, Court and Nash. She just can’t decide between them, such problems!  Britney and Roxy have been called here to give her some advice. Please, take it away Emma!



Last summer I fell in love with two guys, Court and Nash. I broke one of their hearts and the other broke my heart. At the end of the summer they both came back into my life leaving me confused all over again. I’m hoping my friends Britney and Roxy can help me decide.



Emma and me have been best friends since the second grade.  I love her like she’s my sister. She’s always there for me when I really need her. This time it’s my turn to be there for her.


Young man looking down

Right now Emma’s heart is split in two. Last summer Emma was dating Court, but then she met Nash and everything changed. I know she loves both of them, but I’m here to say Emma should pick Court. Not only is he really hot and rich, but he’s also a great guy. He always put Emma first and even remembered the outfit she was wearing when he first noticed her. Court doesn’t care what his friends think of Emma he always puts her before them.  He cancels all his plans just to be with her. He gets along great with her parents and his parents love her. He’s actually told her she’s the first girl he’s fallen in love with. Court was the first person to make her smile again after what she went through with Jason. He made her believe in love again. Emma is better off with Court. He can truly make her happy.



I met Emma this summer when she was assigned to the arcade in Fairland Park. At first I wasn’t too sure I could trust her since she was dating the boss’s son, but then when I really got to know her we became instant friends.


Emma is trying to decide between two great guys, but I must say my vote is for Nash. Yes Nash could be considered the bad boy, but anyone who really knows him knows he’s not. Nash might not have a lot but what he does have he offers it to Emma. She’s taught Nash to be a better person and to once again believe in himself. Nash will do anything for her, including choose her over his mother, who I know at times could be a bit mean.  Not only is Nash the right choice because of how much he loves Emma, he’s also the right choice because they have so much in common. They both like the same kind of music, and they both have experienced similar tragedies in their lives. Nash is the perfect choice; he inspires her just as much as she inspires him.


Get to know Court and Nash in Hold on Tight, and then find out who Emma chooses in Letting Go.

Letting Go

Who do you think Emma should choose?

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Cover Reveal For Letting Go

I’m very excited to be part of a cover reveal for friend and fellow author Maria Montiero. 



Isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t it just scream angst!


Letting Go is the anticipated sequel to Hold on Tight. An intriguing story of Emma torn between awesome but starkly different guys-Court and Nash. If you haven’t had a chance to read Emma’s story, there’s no better time than the present! It is available on Amazon, Barnes& and ibooks




With her heart once again spilt in two, Emma will have to decide weather she wants her friendship with Court to become something more, or give Nash another chance.



She will start her junior year with her mind and heart still in conflict.
However, Emma will finally choose and falling in love again will be easy. But staying together will be difficult when past mistakes are exposed. Will they be able to let go? Or will they hold on to the past destroying everything they have? Emma’s life will never be the same when everyone’s hidden secrets are revealed.

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I can’t wait to hear from you. What do you think of the cover? Who do you think Emma will choose?