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Love's a Beach 3D Formatted Portrait



Close your eyes and imagine the warmth of the sun caressing your skin, the sea breeze blowing your hair, and the feel of powder-fine white sand under your toes. Now, imagine all that together with EIGHT gorgeous, sexy, and powerful heroes ready to sweep you off your feet, and you have the LOVE’S A BEACH ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY!


Whether you’re looking for alpha billionaires or irresistible bad boys, this LIMITED TIME beach romance anthology has it all.


Second Chance by Liliana Rhodes
A Fling with a Greek Billionaire (The Prequel) by Marian Tee
Tempting Victoria by Mina V. Esguerra
His Need, Her Desire by Malia Mallory
When She Fell for the Billionaire by Suzette de Borja
In Too Deep by Bianca Mori
Other Than Easy by Laney Castro
Man Up Party Boy by Danielle Sibarium










All Romance


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A Mother’s Day Retrospect

Today was the first Mother’s Day without my Mom.  Yes I know, she’s still with me, but it was the first ever Mother’s Day I didn’t spend with her. Growing up My mom was the cool mom. My friends didn’t mind hanging out at my house. I didn’t even mind it so much because she didn’t load us down with a bunch of rules. She let us be ourselves and often joined in the fun. My mother loved to have fun. I remember shaving cream fights in the summer and playing Spit or 500 Rummy well until the early morning on endless summer nights.


My mother knew how to embarrass me too. We had a fairly open relationship, so she knew what guys I liked. One night we were in the car going somewhere with time to kill. She thought it would be FUN if she drove passed the houses of my crushes, stopped the car for a few seconds and honked the horn. Being shy and MORTIFIED, I slinked down in the front seat and did my best to hide, praying they wouldn’t look out the window or recognize the car. Luckily many horns honked in Brooklyn and no one noticed us, at least not that anyone ever mentioned.


As wonderful as my mother was, there was an area where she lacked. On some level, she never quite got me. Although shy herself, my mother turned into extrovert extraordinaire. I remember being in the car with her stopped at a red light. A very cute guy was stopped in the car next to us. My mother rolled down her window and asked if he had any Grey Poupon. That’s what everyone did in the commercials for the spicy mustard, so she thought why not give it a try, even though he was probably closer to my age than hers. I would NEVER have put myself on the line like that. So when she gave me dating advice, she was coming from a totally different plane than me.


At that level, the one who “got” me was my grandmother. My grandmother read to me incessantly as a child. Every trip to the grocery store ended with a book in my hand. Every day after school I would stack up a bunch of books and we’d sit together as she’d read the entire pile to me. Perhaps it was the collection of Harlequin Books on the shelf of her headboard that turned me on to romance.


She surprised me when I was fourteen and she asked if there was “anyone special” in my life. I confessed a major crush on an older boy waiting for her to tell me to forget him. She surprised me by telling me about her first crush/love when she was a teenager and how she wished it had turned out different. When I felt alone and misunderstood, she seemed to know exactly where I was coming from and shared feelings of her own loneliness with me. Before I got married my grandmother had a talk with me unlike anyone else. I couldn’t believe we were talking about sex. And it had nothing to do with birds or bees!


So on this Mother’s Day I can’t help but feel the loss of my mother, not just for me, but for my children. As close as I was to my grandmother, she didn’t live with me. My mother lived with me and my three children. They looked at her as a second mother and went to her when they thought I wouldn’t understand. They had fruit parties and played games in her room. They shared nebulizers and medicine so breathing treatments wouldn’t be so scary. The kids fought over who was going to sit on the rolling walker when we went shopping together. The one chore they never complained about was turning on the oxygen concentrator (we had one on each floor) and bringing her the tubing.


To my mother in Heaven, I love you. I miss you, Happy Mother’s Day!