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Hi friends. I’m thrilled to share some news with you. Since the release of the final book of the Heart Waves Series has been released, I’ve been working on making Heart Waves free, and now it is! To celebrate, I’m posting the first chapter, for those of you who either haven’t started the journey with Jenna, Reece, and Tyler, or for those of you who have forgotten them. I hope you enjoy it.
Heart Waves4a


Chapter 1
Lies. Lies. Lies. He was covered in lies. They oozed off him like slick, goopy slime. As if I didn’t already know Steve couldn’t be trusted. I always thought of him as a pompous ass, especially after our one and only date.
But that was years ago.
Steve wouldn’t meet my eyes. I hadn’t spoken to him since my freshman year of high school. I wondered if it he even remembered me. I remembered him all too well, Mr. Captain of the baseball team with the perfect smile. The thought of his cold, wet lips and octopus arms still made my skin crawl.
Regardless, he looked past me, around me, like I wasn’t good enough to look at. I could feel his apprehension so I knew I’d get him. I’d get him good. Call him out for being the jerk he was and embarrass him in front of his friends. I just needed to concentrate.
I closed my eyes, focused on blocking out the music and clarifying the image in my mind. I fingered the gold bracelet interpreting the words and images flowing from it.
“You just came back from someplace warm,” I declared.
With a snide look on his face the muscle-bound jock shook his head and spoke sceptically to the crowd of onlookers, “Like most of the country isn’t warm in July. This is bogus,” he chortled, still trying to best me. He thought his wise cracks were enough to intimidate me, to make me feel stupid and insecure so I would shut up. He wanted to end it here and now. Better to make me look bad before it went any further. Not going to happen. Not tonight. If I had to be miserable, so did he.
“I see a beach and water . . .”
“Hard one. Like we don’t live at the Jersey shore.”
“Not here,” I said a bit forcefully. “The water is clear blue, so it’s not in this state.”
“Oooh,” I heard someone jeer. “She’s onto you.”
“Shut up,” Mr. Macho snapped at his buddy while reaching for the bracelet I wasn’t ready to release. “You probably told her.”
“You’re there with a beautiful girl,” I continued. “Long blonde hair. Her name begins with the letter E.”
“You were with Emma?” A petite brunette bellowed while pounding her fist into his arm.
“Busted!” someone shouted before bursting into a fit of laughter.
“You don’t believe this bull, do you?” he pleaded.
With tears in her eyes, the girl rushed off, “You’re a shit!”
Steve snatched his bracelet and rushed after her, “Shari, wait. I haven’t seen her in months. She must be a friend of Emma’s or my shit-head friends are playing a joke. When I find out which one of you set this up . . .” the rest of the threat trailed off.
“That’s what you get for two timing,” I called watching him push through the sea of people. If he didn’t remember me before the reading, he’d never forget me now. I brought my hands together, “All right, show’s over.”
A few moans and grumbles, then suddenly I could breathe. A wave of relief washed over me as the oppressive group surrounding me thinned. My right eye burned, and the aching in my head had already begun. I knew I had to stop before the sharp blinding pain ensued.
I turned and looked for my best friend Grace. No sign of her. I shook my head. I didn’t even want to come to Mike’s stupid party, let alone be the entertainment, but she insisted.
What exactly she found appealing about Mike was beyond me, but Grace had been crushing on him all through high school. She would do just about anything he asked; only before tonight he never did.
Earlier in the day, while life was still bliss, we were just two best friends lying in the sun with lemon juice in our hair (Grace’s attempt at natural highlights) listening to music. When Mike sauntered over poolside to extend the invitation, Grace turned into groupie girl, and it took her approximately one second to accept. I was biding time until I could convince her to leave.
“One more,” the voice caught me. Stopped me dead in my tracks. For a moment the room went silent, the people disappeared. All that existed was the soft soothing voice.
“C’mon, please,” he spoke again, and I wished he’d never stop talking so I could forever hear the sound of his melodious voice.
Before I could refuse, a small, gold ring was placed in my hand. I stood frozen, feeling as if someone connected a live wire to my heart. White electricity surged throughout my body.
I looked up to see what creature bore such exhilarating energy. His soft, golden-brown eyes captivated me. They were alive with laughter and mystery. I closed my eyes, barely able to focus and stroked the ring with my thumb. I took a deep breath, taking in the scent of his cologne. Fighting the sudden lump in my throat, I blurted out, “Romeo and Juliet.
“Excuse me?” he asked as he smiled, confused.
“It’s like Romeo and Juliet,” I recovered, tracing the diamond chip initial on the ring. “You believe you are in love.”
“She’s my Juliet?” he asked with a suspicious look.
“No, she’s your Rosalind,” I felt the need to explain, hoping to keep him nearby, “the girl Romeo thought he loved. Remember though, it was unrequited.”
“Really?” he asked egging me on, seeming to enjoy the conversation.
“Yes,” I continued with a nod, “then he met Juliet, and Rosalind turned into nothing more than a distant memory. I’m sure you know the rest.”
“Do you know who my Juliet is?” he asked with a smile. “Have I met her yet?”
“Yes.” I answered.
“Hmm. Someone I know.” He looked around the crowd mischievously, a delicious smile on his lips, “Will we get married and live happily ever after?”
I shook my head sadly. “No.” I paused a moment, and found my breath. “You’re going to break my heart.”
I reached for his hand, his strong, warm hand, and took hold of it. I didn’t want to ever let go. I placed the ring in his palm, closed his fingers around it, turned and walked away.


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Character Post with Maria Montiero

I’m very excited to have some special guests here. I have Emma from Hold on Tight and Letting Go, along with her two girl pals Britney and Roxy.  Emma is a little confused, she’s torn between these two awesome guys, Court and Nash. She just can’t decide between them, such problems!  Britney and Roxy have been called here to give her some advice. Please, take it away Emma!



Last summer I fell in love with two guys, Court and Nash. I broke one of their hearts and the other broke my heart. At the end of the summer they both came back into my life leaving me confused all over again. I’m hoping my friends Britney and Roxy can help me decide.



Emma and me have been best friends since the second grade.  I love her like she’s my sister. She’s always there for me when I really need her. This time it’s my turn to be there for her.


Young man looking down

Right now Emma’s heart is split in two. Last summer Emma was dating Court, but then she met Nash and everything changed. I know she loves both of them, but I’m here to say Emma should pick Court. Not only is he really hot and rich, but he’s also a great guy. He always put Emma first and even remembered the outfit she was wearing when he first noticed her. Court doesn’t care what his friends think of Emma he always puts her before them.  He cancels all his plans just to be with her. He gets along great with her parents and his parents love her. He’s actually told her she’s the first girl he’s fallen in love with. Court was the first person to make her smile again after what she went through with Jason. He made her believe in love again. Emma is better off with Court. He can truly make her happy.



I met Emma this summer when she was assigned to the arcade in Fairland Park. At first I wasn’t too sure I could trust her since she was dating the boss’s son, but then when I really got to know her we became instant friends.


Emma is trying to decide between two great guys, but I must say my vote is for Nash. Yes Nash could be considered the bad boy, but anyone who really knows him knows he’s not. Nash might not have a lot but what he does have he offers it to Emma. She’s taught Nash to be a better person and to once again believe in himself. Nash will do anything for her, including choose her over his mother, who I know at times could be a bit mean.  Not only is Nash the right choice because of how much he loves Emma, he’s also the right choice because they have so much in common. They both like the same kind of music, and they both have experienced similar tragedies in their lives. Nash is the perfect choice; he inspires her just as much as she inspires him.


Get to know Court and Nash in Hold on Tight, and then find out who Emma chooses in Letting Go.

Letting Go

Who do you think Emma should choose?

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Something Special!

So sorry I’ve been away. I wish I could say I’ve had some wondrous adventure, that I was finishing up a manuscript or adhering to a rough and unyielding tour schedule. The reason for my prolonged absence is nothing spectacular. It is simply this, I’ve been too dizzy to blog. That being said I have prepared something exciting for all of you who fell in love with For Always, especially those of you who are team Jordan! So here it is, back in school right after the smokey bus incident from Jordan’s POV.


For Always Ch-4 Jordan’s POV


     My heart raced like the Road Runner trying to escape Wile E Coyote. I can’t believe I over-reacted like that. I couldn’t handle the thought of being trapped. For a minute I was four years old lying on the attic floor, banging on the door for someone to help me. Not this time. I couldn’t let myself be trapped, not with an exit in my reach right next to me. But I shouldn’t have bailed on her. I should’ve told Stephanie what to do once I reached the ground. Shit, now everyone will be talking about it. I had to take a deep breath and focus on the spin.
      “But how did you know what to do? Have you ever done that before?” Stephanie beamed at me with excitement.
     “Read the signs,” I answered doing my best to act like nothing out of the ordinary just happened. “It clearly says emergency exit above the window. How else do you think you would get out?”  

     “I think you could use the doors.”
     “Stuck remember?”
     She nodded. “Still, it seems so drastic. I mean to kick it out like that.”
     I shook my head, “Nothing happened to the window. You know that right? The window isn’t broken.”
     “I’m not an idiot, you know.”
     I laughed. No, of course she wasn’t an idiot, but teasing her was fun and made me forget for a minute what a fool I made out of myself.
     As we entered the front doors of the school, Stephanie changed. Her eyes didn’t look as bright and happy as they did a second ago. She looked sad and unsure of herself. I wondered why? How could I get her to smile again? She was so pretty when she smiled, and when it was real, no girl could hold a candle to Stephanie.
     I started to shift direction toward my locker. She looked down at her feet. What happened to cause this change in her mood? Was it me, was she embarrassed to be seen with me after what I’d just done? What was going through her mind? And why didn’t I want to let her go? She seemed so relaxed, so at ease with herself today. I’d never seen her like that before. She always came across so insecure and guarded. Was it because she was alone? Did Maria intimidate her that much?
     “See you,” she held up her hand and waved.
     “That’s it?” I couldn’t believe she was just going to walk away. I wasn’t ready to let her go. I wanted to keep her close. “After we share a tragic, life altering event?” I thought if I continued walking in the direction of my locker she’d follow. One step, nothing. Two steps, bingo! Stephanie scurried alongside me trying to keep up. “You’re going to walk away, like this is just a regular day?”
     “Life altering event?” She laughed. I never heard her laugh before. Not like this. It sounded real, completely unforced. Not that phony flirtatious laugh girls always put on.   

     “You mean when you so rudely pushed me aside to save yourself?”
     Oh good, Stephanie’s playful mood returned. “I only did it to pave the way for an escape for you.”
     “You are so full of it.”
     She leaned against the locker next to mine. I felt her eyes on me as I tossed my jacket inside. This I was used to. I often noticed Stephanie staring at me as Maria would drone on incessantly. I liked having her full attention.
     “And you love every minute of it,” I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. Something about the way she reacted to me today, I could tell she wanted me, and that gave me a warm gushy feeling inside.
     Stephanie looked up at me through her eyelashes. Her eyes seemed to say, “take me, I’m yours.” I held her stare not wanting to release her as I took a step closer. The pull I felt for her, the longing I saw in her eyes made me feel strong, powerful, a stark comparison to how frightened and weak I felt fifteen minutes earlier. At that moment I wanted her. In every way. I wanted her mind, body and soul.
     I placed my hands on either side of her, resting them on the locker where she stood. Her hair covered part of the left side of her face. I wanted to see every nook and cranny of her face. I wanted to see the crinkle in Stephanie’s nose when she smiled, along with each blush I hoped to cause in her creamy skin. I brushed the hair back behind her ear. I heard her inhale as my fingers brushed over her skin.
     I fought to keep my breath steady. I didn’t want her to know I was just as undone as she. I didn’t want to give her any hint of the thoughts running my mind. I wanted to throw her over my shoulder and whisk her off somewhere private. I wanted to press my body against hers and explore her pouty, pink lips. All I could focus on was how much I wanted to kiss her. I felt my muscles tighten as all out need roared through my veins.
     The loud metal clanking of the locker next to us being slammed startled me. I snapped my head to the right to see what idiot just interrupted us. And then I realized what I was doing, what I would’ve done. No. I couldn’t. Stephanie was just too young, too vulnerable. I couldn’t hurt her, not like that. I let my arms fall to my sides. Without a word, I stepped back and turned toward the hall we had just come from.
     “c’mon,” I looked back to find she hadn’t moved. She looked confused, let down. I hated that I could do that to her. Distance would help. I needed to distance myself from her today, tomorrow. It hurt even to think about it.
     “Where are we going?” She asked hope once again alive in her eyes. I had to be careful with Stephanie, very, very careful.
     I sniggered as I watched pink color fill her cheeks, certain I knew where her head was, somewhere in the gutter right next to mine.
     “To your locker,” I answered as the bell rang. Saved by the bell, thank goodness. I let out a long frustrated breath and put my hand out for her to go first. “Lead the way.”


So what do you think? Did you like it? Want more xtra’s from Jordan’s POV? If you want to see more, you have to let me know! How? It’s simple, Just leave a comment telling me what you thought of this, and other scenes you might like to see from Jordan’s POV!